Plus size bargains from around the web

Sometimes you can be lucky enough to stumble across a sale where a store is practically throwing away stock it’s going so cheap. In th [...]

10 plus size maxi dresses under $50

Whether you have an unexpected party to attend or are just looking for a new casual dress to wear, it is always nice to find a bargain. The [...]

Plus size playsuits & jumpsuits of the season

  Finding playsuits in plus sizes is not always an easy to task. Stores often sell out of the larger sizes way too fast. Here are a few [...]

5 City Chic Dresses that won’t break the bank

Without a doubt City Chic is one of Australia’s favourite plus size brands. They offer an exciting range of clothes for just about any [...]

Side panel dresses

Side panel dresses are cleverly colourblocked to create a flattering look and these dresses are this seasons absolute  favourites. Click on [...]

Designer Spotlight: Naudic

Although not strictly a plus size brand, Naudic clothing has a range of loose fitting, comfortable and very colourful, bright outfits that [...]

Wanted: High waisted Skinny Jeans

If you are looking for a way to smooth out muffin tops above your jeans and flatten your tummy, high waisted jeans a re a little bit like we [...]

What to wear to the office

Finding the right clothes to wear to work in plus sizes can be pretty frustrating. Dressing professionally is important in many work places [...]

Wide Calf Studded Boots

Although it’s almost summer and boots may not be on your mind, these wide calf boots are worth taking a look at since being out of sea [...]

Hi-Lo Hem Dress

This black Hi-Lo hem dress is available up to a size 3X which is about a size 20 or 22. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
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